Chocolate Sunday

Today was Chocolate Sunday, i had planned on making organic vegan chocolate peanut butter candy and decided to Also make choco chip cookies because i was craving them lol. I topped off the night with exchanging the sweets with left over chocolate cake and having that for dessert :)

I adjusted a recipe i found on One Green Planet

I am all sugared out right now and yes i am giving Most of my cookies to friends and neighbors. I will Definitely make more organic vegan chocolate peanut butter cups though :D they are AMAZING and after eating them i am considering never buying chocolate candy again and just making more of these.

Trivia: I planned on making the chocolate candy 2 weeks ago to sell at an event i signed up to vend at but my order did not arrive in time. I had ordered 2 lbs of organic cocoa powder and 6 lbs or organic coconut sugar. I also had to dig around for containers big enough to hold all that sugar since the resealable bag it came in was Not resealing. I’m ok with that since i found the containers i needed. I actually prefer putting stuff in containers and not leaving them in the resealable bags i bought them in. Note: the coconut sugar does not dissolve well when mixed to coconut butter for the chocolate candy.

organic vegan chocolate peanut butter "rabbits"!
organic vegan chocolate peanut butter “rabbits”!

chocolate chip cookies a la smitten kitchen‘s ice cream sandwich cookie recipe :) Btw i LOVE her site and you should Definitely pay a visit to look at her Delicious food! I used up all my brown sugar making these so i made some more :) and instead of white sugar i used my new organic coconut sugar :D

chocolate chip cookies, Yum!
chocolate chip cookies, Yum!

I also finished making those bbq pork dumplings yesterday and then Today i made another batch of vegetarian dumplings because i had two packages of skins left over lol. Now i have Vegan, Vegetarian and two types of Pork dumplings :P Variety!!! Dinner tonight was stir fried noodles with left over vegetarian dumpling mix and some radish kimchi on top :)

stir fry!


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