the making and the first one

Fusion Cuisine! Paratha Samosa with Nopales & Eggs and Salsa

Today it rained, and since i wanted to both use up my potatoes and make some comfort food, so when i saw a Manjula’s Kitchen’s many posts in my faceobok feed, i clicked on it and browsed around settled on making paratha samosas. I figured it would also go well with my left over from last night.

So i made them with oil and added extra peas in the potato mix, along with left over cooked cilantro pesto instead of raw cilantro lol. I also don’t have mango powder so i dribbled in some sauce from my nopales stir fry because that was sour lol. While frying the first batch my fire alarm went off, and after silencing it Twice by running upstairs and waving a towel at it, i gave up the third time and just let it continue to sound until i had finished frying all 4 of the paratha samosas. I also ate the first one with the egg and nopales stir fry and some salsa.

the making and the first one

As i wrapped the second one, i finally decided to use a rolling pin (i had been hand flattening the first batch and first two of the second batch) and noticed how it made the flattening process WAY easier and much more evenly distributed. So the next time a recipe suggests using a rolling pin, i will do so! This dough Does Not Stick to the rolling pin!!! Which is just GREAT! I am so sick of cookie and pie dough sticking to the rolling pin!! I didn’t watch her video about how to make the paratha samosas so i was randomly wrapping them and made the last one look kinda like a chinese style steamed bun lol. I also prepared my place for the second batch of bread frying and full opened most of my downstairs windows (only one was left closed), then went upstairs and fully opened all the upstairs windows, then i closed the doors and crammed clothes underneath the one that lead to the fire alarm that beeped the most. This time there was No Alarm Sounding!!! YAY!!!! After eating, i closed all the windows back to just a crack (because it’s cold) and opened the doors back up. Back to normal :)


I ate a second my second one with the rest of the salsa and remembered to put my Korean Burdock Root Tea in the photo :) The tea tastes nice and is good for whatever ill my body is currently dealing with … congestion from allergies or maybe a light cold at this point. I was perfectly fine this weekend, my cough was going away, then it came back full force yesterday … i blame severe lack of sleep due to this Crazy drive to finish website stuff and then do MORE stuff!! i currently have major projects on hold that i planned to finish before winter break .. and i haven’t started on them yet >_> AND i need to use those manga pens before they dry out. Even though i only have to use them Once a week minimum, i’v been so busy lately that i’v put drawing on hold. I was trying to learn how to use graphics programs .. i succeeded kinda … am not happy with what i made, but i will practice more … i will draw both digitally and manually!

the second one with salsa

You can see in this last photo how i pressed down on one of the paratha samosas and got it to brown evenly instead of in clumps. I think that looks so prety :) This tasted nice with the salsa, but i think it would have been nicer with the red and green sauces at indian restaurants. So i will try to make those also :D

The last time i fried bread i made Crumpets! … Too Many of them, so i gave my parents a whole bag full of them lol.

I would totally love crumpets right now … but i am Done with dealing with the fire alarm beep issue and i also need my rest! Especially after spending all day organizing my daughter’s room, mostly with her assisting me … We finally put all her toys, books, craft supplies etc into labeled boxes and now, not only is everything more orderly but she also has Way more space than before. I had planned to reorganize her room ever since both of us had a major cough attack after moving stuff around in her room on Saturday and being hit by a wave of invisible dust.


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