back to baking (cookies) and crotchet!

So i went back to my 1001 sweet treats book and decided to make sesame lemon cookies and almond shortbread. these are nice, and i was able to use a lemon from my balcony garden to flavor it. i had fun making the almond shortbread, whose composition is actually a combination of what i saw in the book, and what i know about shortbread in general the almond shortbread was Delicious! and i enjoyed it with delicious honey lemon tea which looks absolutely beautiful when swirling Almond Shortbread Recipe toast 1/2-1 cup of almonds, let it cool for 5-10 min, … Continue reading back to baking (cookies) and crotchet!

Happy Summer Solstice! With Chocolate, the beach time, and FIRE

June was the month of almonds, cashews, and chocolate smoothies Wherein i made delicious Roasted Garam Masala and Honey Spiced Cashews Recipe 1 cup of cashews mix it all together with 1 tbs of honey, 1 tbs of garam masala and an optional 1 tsp of cayenne pepper. only put in the cayenne pepper if you want this Spicy roast at 350 degrees fahrenheit for 10 min I celebrated summer solstice by going to the beach before the sunset and here is what i wrote about it: Today at the ‪beach‬ i learned that ocean water up the nose doesn’t … Continue reading Happy Summer Solstice! With Chocolate, the beach time, and FIRE

baking in the kitchen after a deep clean

tehehe doesn’t it sound like something else …. so back to the topic, thanks to joy the baker for posting her Quick and Dirty Chocolate Espresso Cinnamon Rolls because they looked so wonderful that i had to make [a coffee flavored version of] them, and i DID :D they were the first pastries i made after deep cleaning the kitchen yummmmm You can see my process here, although if you go to joy’s site, her photos are much prettier le dough smearing the sauce all over the doughy goodness all rolled up and laid out in the pan! and after … Continue reading baking in the kitchen after a deep clean

Christmas 2014 baking spree!

Even though i was originally going to Just make chocolate pudding, my mom asked me what i was going to make, then suggested that i make some cookies for my daughter to bring on her holiday road trip with her dad. so i thought that Yes i Will make some Awesome cookies for her to bring :D banana bread castle its an old recipe from i think Ariel who used to have a site called baking and book, but that site no longer exits differences : cake mold, chocolate coating, white chocolate “snow” italian almond cookies because i have almond … Continue reading Christmas 2014 baking spree!