solitude, salad and spice

As October began i spent some time in solitude, adventuring. It was really nice to walk around a park during early morning. I love this salad i made :D Recipe: Spinach Tomato raw onion, diced diced garlic & olive oil 1 sliced avocado 1 sunny side up egg with pepper and salt cooked into it Various left overs made from kimchi and soondubujigae This was “fried rice” with 1 diced carrot, 1 diced tarot root, left over radish kimchi poured on top, and one sunny side up egg Cheese over brown rice and soondubujigae you want to see something funny? … Continue reading solitude, salad and spice

Blips in the Busy Stage

My schedule was pretty filled up in August, September and the first part of October. I started one new part time flex job, picked up more freelance work, and finished some freelance work. Attempted to market my video editing skills and got my post deleted by a community moderator, who did Not delete OTHER advertisers and advertisements. In October I attempted to open an in home studio during the new moon and wasn’t able to get it going so i “quit”. Currently i am thinking going back at a slower pace, and not hosting a whole Week of free classes … Continue reading Blips in the Busy Stage

banana bread castle kicking ass

YES my banana bread castles kicks your gingerbread houses ass!!! Oh Yes it Does!!! Check it out ^_~ i also made some nice chocolate dipped and almond dusted peanut butter cookies because Joy the Baker posted about them and i could not resist made an ice cream sundae with the cookies and extra chocolate dip in celebration of me finishing my class presentaiton :) other than some gorgeous peanut butter cookies, i have been cooking on a daily basis and here are some examples of what i’v made :) and this soup was PERFECT!!! i believe it was because i … Continue reading banana bread castle kicking ass