back to baking (cookies) and crotchet!

So i went back to my 1001 sweet treats book and decided to make sesame lemon cookies and almond shortbread. these are nice, and i was able to use a lemon from my balcony garden to flavor it. i had fun making the almond shortbread, whose composition is actually a combination of what i saw in the book, and what i know about shortbread in general the almond shortbread was Delicious! and i enjoyed it with delicious honey lemon tea which looks absolutely beautiful when swirling Almond Shortbread Recipe toast 1/2-1 cup of almonds, let it cool for 5-10 min, … Continue reading back to baking (cookies) and crotchet!

Earth Day book making with food & art adventures!

Past the many moons of before, comes today, and what doth this night bring to the table of your virtual display? (ie desktop :P) Earth Day brings themes of recycling, reusing, and repurposing. For Example The Green & Silver Book – a beautiful new notebook made of scrap paper, biscuit box, wrapping paper scraps and thread and the making of it Repurposing an old produce jar for holding a smoothie. No Mason Jar needed and on the night i made this, i had borrowed an unused blender from my parents to make my delicious smoothie, then did a quick sketch … Continue reading Earth Day book making with food & art adventures!

book binding and cauliflower salad with many past brunches

last friday i went to a vegetable picking tour and came back with some Delicious goods. So i made this wonderful cauliflower salad and then the rest of my brunch : yesterday i made a book for my daughter out of scratch paper, extra cardboard, and construction paper. she really enjoyed helping me out and Loves her new book! I also lost my book binding needle in the process but found it today while i organized my living room, which was a Complete mess due to being out and about these past few weeks. I look forward to Completely cleaning … Continue reading book binding and cauliflower salad with many past brunches