Since I’v been gone …

I haven’t been updating this blog in a while and maybe some of you are wondering why. Why is this? Well I tried to get more serious about some of my own businesses, tried really really hard … … felt like I had failed before realizing that I did give it my all and perhaps my time could be better spent elsewhere … especially when my anxiety attacks came back. So I went offline and tried to recuperate …. but even though I was away from the public internet, I was unable to “do nothing” so I learned new things, started new certification programs, got more anxiety attacks. Then went back online with all the randomness I had held inside of me … all that energy that wanted to explode.

I decided to have fun uploading clips of me singing because I happen to like to sing and I think I sound ok … I also sing about various interesting topics like …

Deep down #underground far below the streets. No hellfire here for it's just far too #cold Deep Down Underground is closer than you would know #Depression can feel like #hiding your true self underground, below the street where the "normals" interact and below even the trash that has value to those that horde it. #hidingunderground So how far do we hide? How deep a hole do we dig for ourselves and our pit of confidence before the vacuum swallows us whole? Maybe if i sing my heart out, i can release the tears and the pain. Not to mention all the anxiety. Do you sing when you are feeling emotional? #depressionquotes #singingmyheartout #singmyheartout #singing #capella #acapella #song #originallyrics #feelingemotional #emotions

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feeling Frozen in Time

and of course Anxiety

I also finally did some drawing

Of course panicking and drawing wasn’t all I did, I also made some awesome good food

That baked casserole was sooooo good

Btw have you ever heard of Vegetable Toad-in-a-Hole, if not, then how you have heard and Seen of it.

Made and ate lots of salads

Made ridiculous amounts of fruit leather

Went camping

#nature seems #unreal at times #moss #photography #macro

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Even got to see a bear in real life!

Witnessed a Glorious Sunrise after a sleepless night

Had fun tailoring and cutting up Tshirts from walmart. This top is made from an XL Men’s shirt.

Made Spring Rolls for the first time!

And stepped on my poor glasses, which is why i’m wearing contacts and my poor eyes are hurting!

I guess I should add my instagram feed to this blog!


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