Cilantro and Garlic Stir Fry Dressing up Leftovers

What do I do when I have left-over turmeric tinged bulgur wheat and Dal? Put it in the broiler with freshly sliced eggplant and prepare for some FUN FANTASY FUSION COOKING!

Btw I LOVE this recipe and make it quite often, with both red and green lentils. I also love using the Tagine to cook grains, it is a Wonderful kitchen tool. And stir fried cilantro taste really strong and is a nice addition to a variety of dishes.

Enjoy the randomness that resulted from me starting with a recording of me making stir fried cilantro and garlic that turned into a video showing all the add ons to my Dressed Up Left Overs Dish! I even added on a last minute mention of the delicious date and lemon smoothie I made to accompany this. Yumm!
Also there are Vegan and Vegetarian pathways for this fun and fanciful dish, so enjoy!

PS Let me know what you try Cilantro Garlic with and also how the honey and date shake tastes to You♥

And you want to see something else funny? I sent a photo of green onion to a friend because I didn’t think he knew what it was. And that is because he’s not used to eating the crazy fusion food I eat. Turns out, he Does know what green onion is, and he says something funny.


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