Healing Journey Part 4 – Blonde Mushrooms Pilaf & Beet Salad

I have decided to call this a “Blonde Pilaf” due to the golden blonde color the Quinoa, Amaranth and Brown Rice turns after it is fully cooked. This was a very delicious meal and unfortunately I already forgot the exact amounts of ingredients. But I do know that I used minced garlic, Quinoa, Amaranth, brown rice, and white button mushrooms for the pilaf. The salad contains organic beets, garlic, beet greens, parsley, apple cider vinegar and olive oil. During my healing journey I was spending massive amounts of time with both my health needs and skin care routine along with cleaning up my house and home so it wouldn’t get too messy. Thus even though I made this back in November, I have been unable to add it to my blog till now.

Beets taste delicious when combined with Parsley, if you do not have parsley then lemon juice is a good way to clear out the “dirt” flavor they often carry. It is fairly easy to find organic beets on sale in the supermarket, or at a reasonable price at the local farmer’s market. I will buy my green leaf vegetables and beets there on occasion.

I also used a Tagine, which steams it very well. I like how grains are cooked in the tagine and will use it for pilaf type dishes. You can see how it cooked here:

mushroom pilaf

And now enjoy the photos of the beautiful and delicious meal:



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