Organic Green Leaf Fantasy!

Last week i’v been in an organic greens binge! it all started off with driving home Late at night from a networking event, where i’d been scarfing down cookies, with a craving for some Leaves. So i stopped by the supermarket and bought a head of organic butter lettuce and mixed it with garlic onion, and organic carrots. Probably because thinking of the Butter Lettuce Fantasy clip from Bravest Heroes:

This is a very boring looking photo but the other ones get better, so scroll down and check them out!
butter lettuce fantasy

Then i made the same type of salad with organic arugula, and added filters, glitter, and other fanciful decorations to this photo! which is currently the featured photo since it’s so nice looking!
organic arugula fantasy

On Thursday a batch from Farm Fresh to You arrived with a head of organic red leaf lettuce! so i made a fancier salad with cauliflower and opted out of putting glitter in this photo
organic red leaf lettuce and cauliflower fantasy

I like to make varieties of salads from a basic vinaigrette that is tasty, light, and flexible!

Olive Oil & Red Wine Vinaigrette

  • 1 part olive oil (like 1 tbs)
  • 2-3 parts red wine vinegar (like 2-3 tbs)
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 tsp minced garlic
  • 1/4 of an onion diced into small pieces

Today i was planning on fasting since my stomach felt odd from over eating on Friday night and then consuming a little more than usual Saturday night, so i was planning on fasting, but i ended up eating bread with olive oil & balsamic vinegar dip and tomatoes from my garden for brunch, followed by lots of chips, chocolate, and nuts lol. i’m actually glad that i finally finished several partially eaten bags of potato chips … they were taking up space and i wanted to just finish them and restock later

i DID eat Something healthy today, i finished some ugly looking organic strawberries that my daughter couldn’t eat because they were pretty flavorless, and those tomatoes. I have quite a few tomatoes from trimming my porch balcony, which i had to do because the tomatoes had started growing Out of my balcony and dangling off of it growing big huge delicious looking fruit because that was where they got the most sun. Unfortunately the home owner’s association here does not allow me to have big delicious looking tomatoes dangling off of my balcony, they actually don’t allow residents to have Anything dangling off the balcony. So i attempted to pull those delicious dangling tomato vine back onto my balcony and ended up breaking most of them instead. Fortunately i could save Some. I put the broken vine in some water to see if they could root or something … some plants will do that … it is looking like these tomatoes will Not since the leaves are all wilted. On Sunday i was talking about food with a reader at a local holistic/healing/psychic fair and i think we trailed onto deep fried stuff and i realized that i could deep fry those green tomatoes i have stuck on the broken vines! They are Really big! Bigger than ANY of the other tomatoes i’v grown before, even the varieties that are called “beefsteak slicer tomatoes”. I will attribute their large growth to the extra sunlight they received outside of the balcony and the way gravity could help pull nutrients to them easier.

So i end this post with a beautiful photo of my porch garden harvest. With the cute little tomatoes: the multicolor one is a kumato tomato grown from seeds of the cool looking super market kumato tomatoes (btw the supermarket tomatoes are 5 times the size of this), i have no idea what the yellow one is called but it is sweeter than the kumato tomato. The lemon is from a dwarf meyer lemon tree bought from home depot. it doesn’t look perfect but it is deliciously home grown and beautiful in that way. Natural and Imperfect, making it a Perfect Creation of Nature.

garden harvest

I might eat some salad today .. i have half a head of cauliflower that i didn’t put into my red leaf lettuce salad … and i have lots of chard that needs to be eaten up

Edit at Midnight
i Did end up eating salad with the left over organic cauliflower and some basil with a Balsamic Vinaigrette instead of Red Wine Vinegar

cauliflower salad


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