Perfect Whole Wheat Bread Rolls


For my second time making Maangchi’s Korean Roll ppang i decided to be creative and look up how other people made their yeast bread. which brought me to KA’s Bakery which has this wonderful page about Creamy Custard Buns and the Tang Zhong method. Intrigued and inspired, I decided to use her Tang Zhong method to rise the initial dough, and then i followed Maangchi’s method of waiting for the rolls to rise for another hour before brushing them with egg white and baking them. Which made them Perfect: soft, moist, and Delicious! I didn’t over-bake them like last time (when i was paranoid), And these actually kept Really well at room temperature (in a sealed container).

The only modification i made to the Tang Zhong method was that i used organic whole wheat flour instead of bread flour. Whole wheat makes denser, heavier rolls, so i recommend sticking with either all purpose or bread flour first, and then trying out whole wheat when you feel adventurous.

I ate the roll with some home made grapefruit peel jelly which was bitter so i don’t recommend you make it unless you want to put a lot of sugar … so much that you are virtually Eating sugar. Stick with jams made from fruit parts that do not contain a lot of peel. On the bright side, my berry jams always turn out Great!

A big thanks to both Maangchi and Kay-ann for sharing their wonderful recipes with the online world :)


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