Spring Craze! typing post recovery meal

This past week has been Crazy! As I prepared for trips, playdates, and general outings every single day while cooking snacks and meals to bring. It started with this Beautiful and equally delicious Organic Orange Cream Cheese Pound Cake with Chocolate Chips I made on Sunday for lovely Afternoon Tea with my daughter, her friend and her friends parents :) I thank Joy the Baker very much for her Delicious recipe! I was able to use organic orange zest and organic flour :) i’l see how much organic cream cheese costs so that i can make completely organic pount cakes.

I forgot to take a photo of the cake before it was [gifted and ]completely eaten but I was able to snap a photo of a small slice of this beauty! I plan to make this cake again since i have more organic oranges and recently restocked on organic flour. I was going to make chocolate chip cookies but i need to 1) finish my NY Cheesecake then 2) make Strawberry & Mint Pie before i make those cookies. Strawberries are currently in season and on sale so … i keep buying them >_>

florals and fruits!

I also received my March Artsnacks shipment and scribbled a bit with the fun pens and pencils.

On Monday I made a NY cheesecake and invited neighbors and friends over for a dessert party which was very fun :) Then i went on to a week of playdates and tripes before a Friday picnic at a new park! I made buchu-jeon which I learned from Maangchi. I Love this savory pancake, and always add a bunch of other vegetables in it :) This time i added carrots, cabbage, and salted shrimp instead of plain salt. Half the batch was non-spicy, then added thai chili peppers to the other half to make spicy pancakes. My friends Loved it! One even told me that it tasted like what her mom makes, which made me feel Very accomplished.

le picnic!

Today I decided to make a quick fried rice with some thai chilis and shitake mushrooms i sliced up on Friday but put away cuz i was running short on time. Then I went to my mini garden to pick fresh tomatoes to eat with the fried rice & sunny side up egg :) I also had a small bowl of left over organic salad i made for a birthday party yesterday. It looked much prettier yesterday than today …

Recovery meal

Every time i get new shipments of produce from Farm Fresh to You I tend to celebrate with fresh salad :3

I also took a photo of haribo sour gummy bears because i bought them on impulse last night and they are DELICIOUS!!! I ate half the bag last night and finished the rest this morning before brunch. They are chewy, flavorful, and have just the right amount of tanginess.


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