Oh my curry!!

So i get a box of mystery vegetables every 3 weeks from Farm Fresh to You and sometimes i leave the vegetables in my fridge for a while because i am not quite sure what to do with those European vegetables that i am not used to cooking or eating. I also get kale a lot, and although i do enjoy eating kale salads and i know they are healthy, i don’t really do much else with this vegetable. However, curry kinda makes everything taste good, so when in doubt, i throw everything including the kale into a giant hot pot style curry dish!

And doesn’t it look DELICOUS! it also tastes as good as it look ;)
lentil and kale curry

I happened to make three other things that week, including a corn and chard soup along with a beet salad. Here are all three together with some fancy overlays

meals with curry

I also went back to Cheesecakes this month, here is my Strawberry Bottom Cheesecake that doesn’t taste as satisfying as it looks. I made second NY cheesecake with chocolate ganache that tastes more satisfying. What I didn’t like about the Strawberry Bottom Cheesecake was that, since i used Fresh/raw strawberries, they didn’t bake well, and just tasted like soggy flavorless fruit scraps stuck on the crust of the cheesecake and I didn’t use enough cream cheese. The second cheesecake i made had stripes of strawberry and balsamic vinegar jam which was alright ….. i overbaked my second cheesecake so it didn’t turn out as nice as i wanted it to …. i’l make another NY cheesecake next month or something and NOT overbake it … i forgot that the reason why cheesecake looks wobbly and undercooked is because i’m supposed to put it in the refrigerator to let it solidify. I did make a Delicious Orange Cream Cheese Pound Cake with chocolate chips that will go in my next post about Spring Break with kiddos!

strawberry bottom cheesecake


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