Making candy and preserving almost rotten fruits and vegetables

Ever Crave chocolate and want to make some Simple chocolate candy instead of constantly buying random cheap chocolate from the supermarket? Ever have some partially or nearly rotten produce that you don’t want to trash? Here are some ideas, one is for making simple chocolate candy and the other is for preserving fruits and vegetables.

For chocolate candy, I recommend you get baking chips, either milk or dark. If you want to use white chocolate buy a bar because the “chips” usually have additives that make them difficult to melt. You can use milk/dark chocolate bars, however it will be easier to melt them if you break them up first.

Simple Chocolate Candy in the Kitchen


  1. Either get/buy/borrow a mold (i prefer silicone) you like or use a cupcake pan, cupcake paper, mini pie pan : anything that can hold the melted chocolate.
  2. Melt the chocolate in a “double boiler” : fill a small pot with water and put it in a burner (don’t turn on the burner yet), then put chocolate in a bowl (stainless steel or ceramic) and place that right on top of the pot, Then burn on the burner to medium high. When the chocolate starts melting, turn the burner to low and stir the chocolate till it is completely melted.

    Trivia: When I first hear the phrase “double boiler” 10 years ago, I had no idea what it meant.
  3. Put melted chocolate in the mold.
  4. Optional: If you want to add stuff like [chopped] nuts into the chocolate, you can add it now.

For my Chocolate Peanut Butter Hearts, I put a thin bottom layer of chocolate, stuck the mold in the freezer for a few (5-10 minutes) to let it harden, then dolloped a small amount of organic peanut butter in them, making sure not to fill too much or cover too much of the edge, then I add more melted chocolate on top so that it covers nicely and back in the freezer it goes for 5-10 minutes before i take them out and pop them out.

chocolate peanut butter hearts

Preserving Almost Rotten Fruits and Vegetables

For vegetables, I like to turn them into Pickles

For Fruits, (like strawberries that look like they are too gross to be eaten but not quite rotten) I recently started making jam/marmalade, aka boiled fruit mush.

strawberry orange marmalade

General Recipe that is flexible and works for many different types of fruits and vegetables

  1. Place 1 cup of water and 1/2 cup of sugar in a small pot and boil it on medium high while stirring it till the sugar melts.
  2. Wash and cut your fruit, if you are boiling small stuff like blueberries or raspberries you should know that you don’t have to cut that.
  3. Put the fruit in the boiling pot of sugar water, turn down the fire to medium low and let it simmer for 20 minutes.
  4. Optional: To turn this into a thick sauce, get a small cup/bowl and put 1/4 cup of water and 1 tbs of either cornstarch or rice flour in it and stir it until it “melts” and is mixed well. Then turn the burner to low and pour this in, Stirring a lot so you don’t get clumps. Then turn the heat back to medium high and let it thicken for 3 minutes.
  5. Have a clean glass jar ready and pour the boiled fruit mush inside, close the lid and let it cool.
    Trivia: The first time i did this, i was wondering “What is that sound??” when i head the popping sound of the “safety button” going Down. If you wonder why that happens: Hot liquids into glass jar & metal lid -> expansion. Then everything cools down and —> Shrinkage. It’s the same reason why if you pour hot water over a jar lid that you are having trouble opening, it will become easier to open :)

Note to self: I should try this with Tomatoes :D

Yesterday was Super Dark Moon Eclipse!!! And i celebrated by making mixed grain yeast bread and these organic chocolate peanut butter hearts :3 Yum!!

Super Dark Moon Eclipse!!!

If you are wondering how i made the bread:

  1. 1/2 cup of warm water + 1 packet of yeast, and let it sit 10 minutes.
  2. Added 1 cup of milk, 1 cup of organic flour, 1 cup of almond flour, 1 cup of flax meal, 1/2 cup of oat meal, 1/2 cup of wheat germ, 1/4 cup of sugar and 1/2 tsp salt covered it with aluminum foil and let it sit for 1 day.
  3. Opened it the second day, squished it into a loaf shape, preheated the oven to 400 degrees fahrenheit, placed the loaf in there (on top of parchment paper) to bake for 20 minutes, then reduced the heat to 375 and let it bake for another 20 minutes.
  4. Then took the loaf out and turned off the oven. Make sure you don’t forget this last step ^_~

And today I am enjoying some Knife care tutorials by Richard Blaine on youtube. I totally recommend his videos and have finished the series on “sharpening” knives with a sharpening rod.


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