The Season Soup : Warm and Hearty

Warm and Hearty for the cold weather and simmering soul.

From boiled chocolate pudding made with organic cacao powder, organic sticky rice flour, organic coconut sugar, organic powdered goat milk (a la Mt. Capra), garam masala, cinnamon & cayenne pepper. It doesn’t look pretty but it was EASY to make and really hit the spot when i craved chocolate. i totally recommend this for the gluten free :) and if you want to this be dairy free you substitute the organic powdered goat milk powder with either some kind of nut or bean “milk” or coconut milk or water or tea :D
BTW i LOVE mixing tea with cacao powder, cayenne pepper and honey … i drink this like water and it keeps me energized throughout the day :D i also bought 2lbs of organic cacao powder on amazon for this … and my chocolate planes ;)

rice flour spiced chocolate pudding!

to boiled kimchi and noodles with some kelp & seaweed to flavor the broth. btw this is a REALLY easy noodle dish and uses up left over kimchi, which in this case, i had gotten from my parents, who don’t eat kimchi unless it comes with take out lol.
noodles & kimchi

and Squash stew left overs boiled and enoki mushroom, sweet potato & rice porridge : both of which my daughter Loved. My family members loved ALL my squash stews, from the delicious butter nut squash dishes to this experimental spaghetti squash stew which was not supposed to have the skin inside it and needed the beans to have been boiled for a longer period of time. FYI i realized that the reason why spaghetti squash is usually baked is because the skin is hard like … a leathery egg shell LOL even after being boiled! it doesn’t disintegrate or soften! So next time i will bake it.

spaghetti squash left overs

The last item here is not a soup but PICKLES! i made up my own recipe: 1/4 cup soy sauce, 1/2 cup white vinegar, 1 cup of water, and 1 tbs of mirin boiled and poured over chopped serrano peppers, turmeric, and garlic. This my parents loved!
original pickles

And on another positive note: my parents now appreciate what i cook. I think it’s amazing. They used to hate it when i used their kitchen and turned up snobbish noses at my strange fusion cooking. Now there actually really enjoy my dishes and are impressed by what i can make!


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