Chocolate Peanut Butter Rabbits!

chocolate peanut butter rabbits

During the week of Christmas, i planned a mom & me outing where myself and several other moms & kids went to the ChocXO chocolate factory and coffee bar for a tour. It was a fun outing for the kids, who enjoyed watching the animated presenter give her fun presentation about how their chocolate was made, from the cacao fruit to finished product. The presenter also answered the audience’s questions about chocolate. Some parents found the presentation a little too theatrical, which was fun for the kids. Despite of the fact that I already know a lot about how chocolate is made and have already been on a different chocolate factory tour, i actually Learned Interesting Stuff from their short 20 minute tour. I also really enjoyed the samples of chocolate we got to try at the end :D

I recommend the ChocXO factory tour i think the $7 one is good for young children and the more expensive one is great for adults, couples, and older kids :P

They had a wonderful sale on holiday stuff so i got a pack of hazelnut mice for my daughter and also asked for baking chocolate or cacao powder, in which the company associate directed me to their chocolate chips and mentioned that cacao powder was made through a Completely different process, hence they do not sell it there. The chocolate chips actually worked better for my plans to make chocolate candy. So i bought 2 bags: white chocolate and dark chocolate.

I “double boiled” the chocolate chips: 1 cup of white and 1 cup of dark and put the liquid chocolate in my cute rabbit mold, then i froze the chocolate to solidify it, added my organic peanut butter, and a second layer of chocolate and froze it again. I also added a third cup of dark chocolate with instant coffee powder because i wanted to make coffee flavored chocolate. I ended up with 8 of each flavor. I gifted 4 of each to my family, 2 of each to a healer, Judi Cali, who had helped me a lot, and saved 2 of each for myself :)

I realized:

  • There was too much chocolate and too much peanut butter. Next time I will half both amounts.
  • The instant coffee powder had not mixed in well, next time i will add it to cream first and let it finish dissolving before mixing with the chocolate.

All in all i liked my chocolate candy and am glad that i was able to gift them to friends & family :) My sister gave me a good critique about how there was way too much peanut butter, which i agree with. Judi Cali really likes them :D yippee!


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