More Vegetarian Butternut Squash dishes!

Tonight i made a butternut squash curry with the recipe here:, which i adjusted a bit
my adjustments:

  • replaced the 2 fuji apples with 2 granny smith apples
  • added 3 serrano peppers
  • added 1 piece of lotus root
  • replaced the tomato paste with a small can of tomato sauce

vegetarian lentil and butternut squash curry

It tastes Wonderful and i am SO happy about having this warm spicy, comforting vegetarian meal after a day of upset stomach from eating too much dairy … Which started last night when i ate a desert with a large amount of homemade whipping cream on it … I can tolerate a Small amount of lactose, and that dollop of whip cream was too much :/

On a positive note, i went to the Zama Tea store near me and bought some more organic Throat tea, chamomile, and peppermint. I have purchased from them before and was running out of Throat tea. Both my daughter and i are coughing, additionally my throat is hoarse. I also purchased and drank Kombucha tea for the first time! I got the flavor that the shop personnel suggested and now i want to brew it on my own. I already brew kefir but it is so strong that i can only drink it once every couple days. Plus, i try not to keep too much cow milk around since i can’t drink it. ALSO all my batches of home made yogurt in CA have Not brewed properly! When i was in Tennessee EVERY SINGLE batch of home made yogurt came our PERFECTLY, but for some reason it won’t culture properly her :/
I will try a couple more times before i give up … maybe i’l make goat milk yogurt …

Also, i purchased enough ingredients to make & gift organic instant hot cocoa mix to all my friends. I am considering selling it also, but i want to just gift it first. Plus, i bought goat milk powder for the first time to make this … i assume that since i purchased the high quality goat milk powder from Mt. Capra it will taste Good. I got organic cocoa powder and coconut sugar from and then went to the supermarket to get organic cayenne pepper and cinnamon powder. Because i like my hot cocoa with Spices!! :D

Some more parts of my amazon orders arrived :) i am happy with most, and want to return some …

i have also been drawing more :)

Awaken seedling! It is time to sprout and sway!

The Dark Moon is coming again


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