family approved Butter Nut Squash Chili!

go to Cookie & Kate‘s page for the original recipe that i tweaked
My adaptations

  • i had no chipotle peppers so i added 1 tsp of paprika and 1/2 tsp of ground coriander
  • also had no sweet bell peppers so i added 4 carrots
  • i used bone broth that my parents gave me (they had made too much)

butternut squash & black bean chili

Today i rush made this in 90 minutes, then let it sit in the dutch oven with the heat off while i went to pick up my daughter, brought her back for a quick snack before packing up my enamel coated cast iron pot in two large paper bags, along with my daughter’s stuff, drove us to her after school, then dropped off the chili at my parents’ Then went to work.

This turned out Naturally Sweet and so delicious that my dad packed a large container of it to eat for lunch the next day. he is very particular about what he eats and used to complain whenever i used His kitchen. Fortunately i no longer live with my parents so that they can attempt to enjoy the food i bring over. My brother, who is Also very particular about what he eats, said that it tasted good! i’m so surprised! usually he says “it’s ok” or doesn’t even bother to eat it due to some random dietary restriction from whatever diet he’s on. my mom ate this tiny little bowl and commented on how it was really filling. Yup! Beans, root veggies, a can of tomatoes and other delicious stuff :D My daughter did not eat Any of it because she associates “chili” with “spicy food”, even though she ate the carrot i fed her. My parents had purchased food for her to eat before i went to pick her up, so she had other food :P

And that butter nut squash, was some random organic vegetable i bought 3 weeks ago and then let it sit on my counter until i resolved to cook it :P This is also my first time cooking with butternut squash, it think it tastes good :D I normally use kabocha: Japanese Pumpkin. Which reminds me … i have been considering cooking my daughter’s halloween pumpkin …

Also today: Nostalgia envelops me … as i find manga paper and screen tone i bought over 10 years ago … today’s discovery continues from last night, when i stayed up till 2 am drawing, inking, and watching youtube instructional videos on how to use “manga pens”

I really like these two videos:


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