A Tale of Three Cakes and a whole lot of dishes

I ended up making 4 cakes for my daughter’s birthday:

  • chickpea flour chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting that had mini choco chips
  • gluten & dairy free chocolate cake from the gluten free goddess
  • the Best Chocolate Bundt Cake ever from an old blog that no longer exists
  • egg white merengue Pavlova

all them cakes
All these were for her party! And check out those dishes XD lots of washing and cleaning afterwards!

chickpea flour choco cake
chickpea flour choco cake for her actual birthday

And then for Thanksgiving i made a cheesecake that was not Completely chocolate because i was kinda chocolated out. I used a modified version of this food network chocolate marble cheesecake recipe

chocolate & lemon marble cheesecake
chocolate & lemon marble cheesecake

Status on how much of the cakes got eaten:
Most of the Crazy Choco Bundt cake was eaten at the birthday party, i ended up with just a tiny portion to take home. I left the Entire Gluten Free Choco Cake at my parents’ because my dad liked it so much that he took a fork and ate off the Entire crust. He has NEVER done to before EVER!!! I also left the entire Pavlova cake there since Both my parents really liked it and mentioned eating it for breakfast :)
And for that Thanksgiving choco marble cake, i cut the remainder (after it was served for dessert) in half, and took one half home.


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