Dark Chocolate Halloween!

So during this past week of Halloween I celebrated the time when the veil between the worlds thins by making chocolate offerings for the spirits. White chocolate, bitter sweet chocolate, and toasted almonds prepared on 10/30 and then some chocolate cookies made on 10/31.

chocolate candies

chocolate cookies

While making these chocolate cookies, i also made cayenne spiced dark chocolate hot cocoa for myself! I must confess that I have been going chocolate crazy. I even put cocoa powder on my pancakes two days in a row! Other than the cocoa powder craze, i made oatmeal bread earlier this week and have been eating peanut butter, cheese and honey sandwiches ever since, I combined that with the cocoa powder on Halloween, and for the morning after, i created a modified version of peanute butter, cream cheese, banana slices, dark cocoa powder and honey with oolong tea. These are also sour cream pancakes so they are very filling and nutritious :D I have the recipe for Edna Mae’s Sour Cream Pancakes written down in my recipe books, and i don’t quite remember where i got it but it makes wonderful pancakes!

halloween breakfast
halloween breakfast
the morning after halloween
the morning after halloween

Here are links to pages that have the recipe for Edna Mae’s Sour Cream Pancakes:

I love both of those blogs and read Smitten Kitchen Voraciously! The Pioneer Woman’s page is great for those cooking for a large group of people and has wonderful classic recipes. Since i cook for few, I tend to go with with the recipes that Smitten Kitchen publishes.

The chocolate cookies i made with baker’s unsweetened chocolate squares turned out well and I used this recipe that i found on the Kraft company website. They are called Chocolate Sugar Cookies Recipe, so go check that out also!


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