Blips in the Busy Stage

My schedule was pretty filled up in August, September and the first part of October. I started one new part time flex job, picked up more freelance work, and finished some freelance work. Attempted to market my video editing skills and got my post deleted by a community moderator, who did Not delete OTHER advertisers and advertisements. In October I attempted to open an in home studio during the new moon and wasn’t able to get it going so i “quit”. Currently i am thinking going back at a slower pace, and not hosting a whole Week of free classes like i did last time. I am really thankful for all the opportunities that came my way, life is beautiful, the universe is full of love and i live the experience!

Make sure you check out the avocado seed smoothie at the very bottom!

So these past couples months i ….

I picked up some free mirrored closet doors and transported And installed them all by myself! You can check out my string and knot skills here lol:

studio mirror

Before i opened up my studio i made a quick video advertising my video editing skills … it was Also right after i finished this Massive freelance DVD collection project i had taken up. I am SO happy that i finished it And also really happy the client is very happy with the result :) and this client paid a good amount considering that i started with a Very basic skill set

Here is the video advertising my skills:

Here is one of the photos i took while preparing for the video: (i love the sky :3 )
sky with clouds

I ate a lot of smoothies, with pollen i bought from the farmer’s market ^_~

berry smoothie

I was SO happy when i finally found time to cook myself a delicious vegetarian meal! i boiled some pasta while i stir fried organic rainbow carrots (these go on sale a lot), the frozen organic green beans, hot peppers (grown on my porch!), organic kale (yes this Also goes on sale a lot), with garlic, and topped the pasta with this +salt +sunflower seeds.
delicious vegetarian meal

Chayote went on sale so i bought some and made a delicious salad with tomato, lemon juice and paprika! Btw, ALL parts of the Chayote plan are edible according to various sources on the internet. This is the first time i ate chayote raw and realized it was sweet :D I really liked it!
chayote salad

A praying mantis appeared in one of the new trees i got (i traded fake eyelashes for these and i’m VERY happy). It was during a very special week. The week before the Blood Moon Eclipse.
praying mantis

And then the sun set … Isn’t the sunset beautiful?
Sunset on the road

Sunset on the beach

I wanted to get back into reading so i borrowed a bunch of library books, None of which were read. I did, however finish reading a couple issues of National Geographic … and now i need to renew my subscription … I think I should read all those unread issues before i sign up for more.

fried potatoes

I tried eating something new: Avocado Seed. Because people online say it’s healthy and nutritious. I first blended it with water to try the raw flavor and realized that it is BITTER. More bitter than mustard greens, but not as bad as bitter melon. I will write a successful smoothie recipe in another post :)

avocado seed

At first it is this milky white color, then it oxidizes into the Bright orange rusty tint.
avocado seed OXIDIZED


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