The Endless Summer Day 1

An endless day of summer! Starts off with me waking up earlier than expected, but instead of falling back into bed i hop right up and get to work! After all, today I wanted to spend the entire day out with my daughter, and i needed to start preparation ASAP. I already had sushi rice ready from last night so i started making biscuits to eat these next couple days and also to bring to my sister who was leaving today to go back to graduate school in another state. She had been resting at my parents’ house chilling with my bro and they were eating out every meal, so delicious fresh home-cooked food is always a nice gift. Especially when baked goods are my forte, [compared to what my mom is able to cook]. While the biscuits are cooking i prepare the sushi: making tamagoyaki with shitake mushrooms and green onion in side. When the biscuits are done i let my daughter eat on as i finish up with making the sushi and packing for our day out at the park!

We visit my sister Just half an hour before she needs to head out and she eats up 2 of my delicious biscuits! Then I realize that my daughter has dance class today so 1) we can not spend the whole day at the park 2) I must go back home to get her dance uniform. That is done, we eat a nice lunch at the park and when my daughter is done playing at the play ground we wander around as my daughter obsessively collects acorns because she wants to pretend to be a squirrel when we return home. We pick up 2 pretty green tipped feathers on the way back, i tell her that we don’t have to wash it, she just has to wash her hands before eating. Now i think i would like to wash those two feather … my daughter washed ALL her acorns with soap and water, of her own volition. She was asking about eating them and when i explained that it was a long process of soaking and draining till all the tannin was gone, and then added on that in korean food they make jelly out of acorn starch which requires acorns to be 1) washed and drained of all tannin 2) dried 3) pounded into powder, After all that she decided to “play” with her acorns instead of attempting to cook them.

Dance class went well and I was able to make some extracurricular related phone calls while she was in class … i still need to catch up to what is happening to her school … her schedule and needed supplies etc. We come home and the neighbors are there so i get to discuss dance studios, prices and distance. We all return to our homes for dinner and then i drive my daughter to the library because i have overdue library books, i return them, pay the fine and after reading a few children’s books to my daughter, i check out some more that she likes, and make a mental note to be On Time with their return.

It was a long day that was fun! It started tiring for me due to lack of sleep but the day was so wonderful and nice that i wasn’t grumpy at all! i try to enjoy all my days regardless of what condition i woke up in.

four squares!

This past weekend, while my daughter was at her dad’s place I was able to observe the sunset while swimming in the waves at the beach, then after sunset i ate my dinner while i watched the sky darken, and then at night i laid down and looked up at the sky watching the stars glisten. It was Dark Moon on Saturday so the moonlight was weak and the stars could show off all their beauty. I could then close my eyes and meditate to the sounds of the waves, the cool breeze of the beach, and the gentle lull of night.

Sunset at the beach

Now back to food:

For GREAT sushi and Japanese food info, i go to

My biscuits were made with half butter and half coconut oil, because i had half a stick of butter in the fridge lol, and i think this combination made them taste Extra Special. So i’l write the recipe here.

Peculiar Biscuits
2 cups of flour
2 tbs of baking powder
1 tbs of sugar
1/4 tsp of salt
3/4 cup of milk
1 egg
1/4 cup (half a stick) of butter
1/4 cup of coconut oil/butter (depending on what temperature it is at your place, this may be solid or liquid)


Preheat the oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Mix all the dry stuff together, add the wet stuff, and stir till combined. Then plop clumps of this stuff on a baking sheet and bake in the oven for 12-15 minutes. ENJOY

And i leave you with this photo of some sprouts i have growing … er soaking. Well, at least the seeds are soaking and the only sprouts that have formed so far are sweet peas, and tomato. The apple seeds aren’t sprouting … i have a few more of those … I also have so many plants that my balcony is getting a little too full … i do enjoy eating my home grown produce … now if only i had a backyard … or could use someone else’s lol … i could ask a neighbor who happens to have yard … i’m sure she’d like to grow and eat her own food.


As this day ends, i am finishing dishes, catching up to school info, and preparing for various freelance jobs that i have. Thank you all, thank you universe. Love and gratitude ❤


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