taking the Crumpet joke seriously

When a coordinators that i worked with joked about having tea and crumpets at one of our team meetings i decided to look into that Seriously. Because i have always heard people joke about Crumpets but never knew what they were. So I went online and found some fun pages!

http://www.europeancuisines.com/England-English-The-Best-Crumpet-Crumpets-Recipe is a fun read, and then the site continues on about several other European dishes

However, i used the recipe from http://www.food.com/recipe/old-fashioned-home-made-english-crumpets-for-tea-time-421076 and even used my fancy kitchenaid stand mixer for the first time since i got it three months ago.

Here is a nice collage of the process of my finished crumpets. I took photos After leaving 75% of them at my parents’ since there was no way i could finish all … 15-20 of them.

crumpets in the making

I prefer them with cinnamon and honey

cinnamon honey crumpets

In the end, i had my tea and cinnamon honey crumpets on Sunday and then butter, jam & PB crumpets with a smoothies This Morning. The Crumpets are Delicious! Warm, moist, toasty and flexible enough to suit both sweet and savory toppings! I was considering eating some with my left over blue cheese but i decided to make a butter lettuce salad with the blue cheese on top.

You can see that here
Butter Lettuce Fantasy

Also, “butter lettuces” makes me think of that one Bravest Warriors episode with the Butter Lettuce Fantasy.

You can watch the episode here:

Or just watch the party on LOOP


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