back to (yeast) bread!

So while i’v been gone, i have made yeast bread:

using up my flour!
along with some buchu-jeon, which i love and make quite often now, it is the Easiest food to transport, reheat and eat.

Making this beautiful flax seed sweet roll inspired me to go back to my Beard on Bread book and make Sour Cream Bread, which turned out beautifully!

sour cream yeast bread

And then I decided that I Really wanted to use up some puff pastry i had in the freezer so i made chocolate croissants
choco croissants

I also made crazy awesome breakfasts while i was exercising a lot:
breakfast of champions
steel cut oatmeal dotted with dried fruit and nut trail mix together with a fruit smoothie with peppermint leaves on top
i am currently exercising less and doing more desk work … i would like to manage my time better so that i can do more of BOTH

and had simpler breakfasts also, like this one with my flax seed rolls with gazpacho (i know it is supposed to be red … btw i made these rolls JUST for the gazpacho even though gazpacho only uses a TINY bit of bread) grapefruit and tea
simple breakfast


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