Avocado Love in the Vegetarian Phase

So this summer, Avocados have been on sale and after buying and eating a few, i fell in love. So i bought more and more and more! And ate them, usually with egg, and tomato and cilantro if i have it … cilantro is constantly on sale so that was a wonderful plus! i Love to add my garlic & cilantro pesto to various dishes. and i thank a former room mate for showing me how to make this simple and Delicious pesto of cilantro, garlic and salt!

i even ate the combo next to left soup covered in tomatoes and cilatro pesto lol
leftover soup with egg & avocado

This following combination is my favorite snack/meal though. Simple Complete Nutritious Elegant
AVOCADO and sunny side up EGG

and i didn’t eat eggs with every meal. i actually try to limit my egg consumption to one a day
vegetarian lunch

but eggs are beautiful and especially alluring when they are fried sunny side up!

Sometimes i did eat vegetarian meals without avocado
lunch 01

and then i also made vegan food to share with friends
vegan rice cake meal :D

On some days i craved beans and rice; which i ate with Avocadoes, tomato, cilantro pesto and crema.

I also made more pickles. I made seven jars, and poured the left over liquid from one into an old soy sauce container, making “dumpling dip sauce” that tastes PERFECT!


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