Whales and Dolphins at the Beach!

On the first weekend of May we had dinner at the beach two days in a row and saw whales both days!

Friday, May 1st : I went to the beach in the morning, lay down and relaxed before running to the waves and acclimating for a swim. There were plenty of people and sea gulls walking around. I even saw a flock of pelicans fly overhead and only though of grabbing a camera after the person next to me mentioned it to one of their friends who was also chilling at the beach. After my first swim people on the beach began noticing dolphins surfacing, and before we caught sight of multiple whales surfacing also! There were so many I was sure that it was an entire pod swimming through! When someone next to me mentioned that she wanted to go swim with the dolphins I ran up to where her and her friend were near the waves and said that I wanted to go also! So the two of us run into the waves and swim out so that we are a bit closer to the dolphins. The other girl’s friend was wary of going in the water because she’d read about a shark sighting. I told her that sharks rarely attack people AND there were several dolphins and whales (which i assume chases sharks away) so i wasn’t worried. We drift on the waves for a bit and are both scared to swim out too far. A third person swims over to where we are and we start talking to each other trying to see where the dolphins are. One dolphin surface 4 ft away from us, making us all go WHOA! and i get so scared that i swim away, closer to the third person, and he says “they won’t hurt you”. I guess he’s a regular at the beach and has swam next to sea creatures before. Then we see several whales swim past us and one is just 100 ft away! I just stare in awe while focusing on floating above the water. Back on shore one of the girl’s friends tells us that there were at least 12 whales who swam through and that they were right in front of us! It was an Amazing experience! By the time we went back to shore there was a large crowd of onlookers that were either still standing there or gradually walking away.

Beach sky with the flock of pelicans, a sea gull, and some more birds near the waves! no photos of dolphins or whales because i was Swimming with them!
beach day!

Then at night i brought my daughter there and we had dinner at the beach, i invited some of her friends and they said that the next night was better.

A collage of the sunset, and some other photos of the beach at sunset.
sunset at the beach

I filmed the beautiful sunset that we saw. The video is short and doesn’t show how the sun looked like a boat right as it landed on the water that slowly disintegrated into the ocean. It just shows a blob disintegrating

Saturday, May 2nd we went back to the beach for dinner with my daughter’s friends. I brought sushi and they brought fruit, juice & snacks for the kids. It was my first time rolling sushi and my sushi rice was more sour than i preferred so i was worried about whether or not my sushi was edible. BUT the family that ate with us Loved the sushi so I was Very glad that it turned out well. We also saw whales DANCING. Yes, four whales swam up till they were around 10 ft from shore and danced for an Entire Hour while people collected next to them and Stared at this marvelously beautiful occurrence. My daughter at her friend watched for just 5 minutes before getting bored and running off to play on the rocks. But the adults and older children just stared in awe at the dancing whales. The family we invited was Very elated about the whole thing because they had previously paid for whale watching and saw Nothing so getting to watch whales dancing for virtually free (parking was $1 per hour) was AWESOME!

Here is a video that shows a little bit of what happened, unfortunately it doesn’t show the highlights of the whale’s dance in which they stuck their heads, fins, and tails of the water randomly then rolled back into the water.

Sunday May 3rd we went to a Spring Festival which had “wolves” ie high content 85% wolf dogs and they were trained so well that the kids were able to sit next to them for photos, pet them and talk to them. It was really cute! Then we went home and my daughter said that she wanted to paint with me! She was also telling me that sushi was her favorite thing to eat. And sure enough, when she made her mother’s day drawing, she wrote that sushi was her favorite thing to eat.

my “bird” painting, my daughter’s “bird”, her favorite sushi (i became much better at making sushi next weekend), and the time when the wolf dog almost fell asleep because the children were So good at petting it! i did not know that canines enjoyed having their noses patted.

sushi and painting

pepper and radish pickles
Sunday night I also decided to Finally use up these radish and hot peppers i had to i made soy sauce based radish and hot pepper pickles, then later on in the week i made sweet white radish pickles because those white radishes were on sale for 20 lb for $1!!
The soy sauce based pickles were made according to that last recipe i found

Altogether I made 4 jars, the smallest one i gave to my parents

i can’t find the online recipe i used for my pickles but it’s really similar to this
except i did not use tumeric powder, and i used plain white vinegar instead of rice vinegar, the flavor is different, plain white vinegar is also cheaper than rice vinegar.


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