Epic Fish Weekend!

Mother’s Day Weekend was my Epic Fish Weekend!!!

Starts off on Thursday where i come home from work, where i’d been smelling the delicious scent of fish and dark sauce. So i head to the supermarket and buy some Sale Norwegian Mackerel, and 2 lbs of Shishamo!! Shishamo is a favorite of mines from childhood, small smelt like fish FULL of eggs!!! I asked for 2lb of Shishamo thinking that it would be a small amount … well it turned out to be A LOT! So i decided to marinate it in garlic, ginger, green onion, oil, salt & water; then let it sit until the next time i cook. Then i broiled the mackerel in a soy sauce based marinade with garlic, ginger, and green onion and ate it with sweet potato rice (rice cooked with sweet potato on top) and stir fried mushrooms!

I had plenty of leftovers on Friday to share with my daughter, and on Saturday she went to her dad’s as i picked up a random work shift. Then Sunday May 10 was Mother’s Day so I decided to make sushi again! Since my daughter was still in love with it, and it is the Perfect to go food and party dish. I looked up a Much better recipe for sushi rice and also broiled the tamagoyaki so that it came out PERFECT.

A Big thanks to Maki of http://justhungry.com/ for providing many delicious Japanese recipes! I used her sushi-zu recipe and tamagoyaki recipe and this time my sushi rice tasted PERFECT!!

My sushi style:

  • using equal parts “mixed grain rice” and short grain white rice for some healthy whole grain goodness!
  • as soon as my rice finished cooking i put in minced carrots for extra veggies and added the sushi-zu, then stirred vigorously with a rice scooper
  • inside the roll there is cucumber, tamagoyaki, and kanikama

Here’s my beautiful sushi collage:
Mother's Day Sushi

The PERFECT tamagoyaki:

I also attempted to make blackberry scones again but this time i mixed the ingredients in the wrong order so it became a huge slop that i just poured into a dish for baking, thus i call it ma blackberry scone cake. The first time i made these blackbery scones they came out Perfect, but this time i changed up the ingredients and well, we all know what happens when we experiment: sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.
blackberry scone cake

My parents Also loved the sushi so they kept a large container full of it, which i am glad because i made A Lot and i needed them to keep at least half of it. When i came home i was able to finally deep fry the shishamo that had been brined on Thursday! I was a little worried about whether or not it was bad, but it smelled fine and i Did put a Good amount of salt so i went ahead and deep fried it! I decided to batter the shishamo because I have had problems in the past of 1) the eggs inside the fish to cause it to Explode and catch on fire and 2) shishamo burning from being fried too long. After looking online at different fish batters i decided to use this recipe (which turned out Great!!)

  1. equal parts water & flour
  2. some baking powder (1 tsp per cup of flour)
  3. optional salt (my shishamo were brined and salty enough by themselves, so it was better for me to keep the batter unsalted)

i used up all my cooking oil making these Delicious deep fried shishamo and have decided to call them shishamo tempura:
deep friend shishamo!

i even recorded them being fried lol

My parents suprisingly really liked the photo of the shishamo tempura that i sent them and when i told them that i had Plenty of extra, they asked for some leftovers. I had three layers of shishamo tempura packed in my pyrex bowl, at 10 pieces per layer, i had Plenty to give them. So i gave them 1.5 layers on Tuesday and after toasting and eating them they let me know that the shishamo tempura tasted Great! My parents are really picky with what they eat so i’m pleasantly suprised that they appreciate and enjoy my cooking now!


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