Epic Cookie Romance

This weekend has been the weekend of Epic Cookie Romance. It started off with me rediscovering the baking book 1001 Cupcakes, Cookies & Tempting Treats by Susanna Tee that i bought 4 years ago when i lived on the other side of this country.
1001 baked goodies!
I realized what a treasure I have been overlooking and made the goal of making everything in it. Oogling at the treats made me crave pastries like mad so i started with a plan to make German Lebkuchen last week and ended up with making Lavender cookies first, German Lebkuchen next, and then Rosewater cookie sandwiches with rosewater swiss butter cream as a grand finale.

Here is my trio of lovers:
cookie lovers

First came Lavender

then came Lebkuchen

and last the dashing Rose ends with Flamboyance!

We have the fragrant Rose, gentle and charming. The firm and chocolately Lebkuchen, built with protein (almond flour)! And the amiable Lavender, sweetly tempting. Oh my cookies! I Love You All!! Such a romantic air and such a tempting salvation for my hunger! I consume your deliciousness and still want more!

Fortunately, i now have enough cookies to last me throughout the entire week. More adventures for next week should come … in some kind of cooking.


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