Earth Day book making with food & art adventures!

Past the many moons of before, comes today, and what doth this night bring to the table of your virtual display? (ie desktop :P)

Earth Day brings themes of recycling, reusing, and repurposing.

For Example

The Green & Silver Book – a beautiful new notebook made of scrap paper, biscuit box, wrapping paper scraps and thread
The Green & Silver Book ah the finesse
and the making of it
ah the beauty of the craft

Repurposing an old produce jar for holding a smoothie. No Mason Jar needed
smoothie in a jar
and on the night i made this, i had borrowed an unused blender from my parents to make my delicious smoothie, then did a quick sketch while enjoying it. the sketch is a comical rendition of an encounter a friend of mines had gone through
smoothie encounter

Now on to the FOOD!

This month’s baking started off with a wonderful blueberry cake which i baked in my cast iron pan and ate with almond butter & oranges

blueberry cake

on the savory side i have:
the fun mix! which includes vegetable soup with a fried egg, onion kulcha, and black sesame dessert balls (those white things)
the fun mix!

dinner with canned fish and a quick soup!
dinner with fish!

the veggie combo: vegetarian dumplings and vegetable pancakes made from left over dumpling filling. i made these to use up left over dumpling skins and was happily suprised and how much my daughter Loved the pancakes: she ate till her stomach hurt.
veggie combo

The Veggie Brunch: left over taro and wakame soup poured over left over sushi rice, topped with fresh sunny side up egg and some spicy bamboo shoot pickles. yeah i Love eggs, and this was a fun tart combo.

other than cooking up some wonderful meals, i also harvested some tomatoes from my crazy porch garden

tomato harvest

Touched up artwork and submitted to a gallery show for the first time ever!! I was So Excited! So i submitted these three and only the black and white abstract one got displayed. they had so many entries that i’m just overjoyed that One of my pieces was good enough to be put on display

i am Love making art so much that i have continued to complete pieces and plan to submit one to a show in May. I even tried out photographic prints of my artwork

here is a color study of a yellow bird which looks ok … i Really need to do more color studies
the yellow bird

and some stock photos that preview what i am planning next!
stock for the next art piece!

and i have a new baking goal, to make Everything in this book that i got back in 2011 (4 years ago) when my daughter and i were in Tennessee
1001 baked goodies!

I also made a delicious lemon poppy seed cake for which i do not have a photo of, but it was Very good. It was in celebration of everything i did during the first two weeks. This month has been a busy month indeed!


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