the most fragrant savory dish ever alongside crazy organic veggie stew


the most fragrant vegetarian dish i have ever made so far is this Wonderful shitake and kelp flavored boiled-saute. I call it that because i sauteed diced garlic, then added sliced shitake mushroom and dried kelp pieces, and when that was sufficiently sauteed i poured in the bean sprouts, water, covered it all and just let it simmer till the bean sprouts were translucent. Salt is added at the very end, just to taste, but it smells so heavenly that you might wonder if salt is not needed … which it is … without the salt it does not taste as nice as it smells lol.

the stir fried baby bok choy is there because that’s what i ate with this

the photo does not do justice to the dish … only to the fact that it was so good that we gobbled it up and left very little to photograph lol . there happens to be white rice in it because i dumped it in at the end but you don’t add any rice while boiling, you add this veggie dish To rice :D

this post was so short that i just Had to add on to it, so here is the crazy organic veggie stew i made when i splurged on organic vegetables … i don’t normally splurge this bad … i spent so much that i am too embarrassed to mention the number.

beautiful organic celery bathing in a silver bowl of water <3

and the photo montage of my Glorious organic vegetable stew with a close up of beautiful minced organic parsley next to a sharp & sexy chef knife, cut cauliflower brain with diced potatoes, defrosted green beans piled on top! and the boiling mixture mwahaha! also … i think that white stuff in the bowl next to the uncut parsley is some type of mushroom … i’m sorry but i made this so long ago that i forgot … yes … after a week of applying to 105 job openings on Monday and culminating in 120 apps for the entire week, i have forgotten the specifics of what went into this miraculous stew that i ate every day for somewhere between 3-5 days.

organic vegetable stew glory

a finale something random: can you guess what i was trying to make before i realized that my food processor was broken?


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