a note on grocery costs & spending

first : i should update more …and to make up for a previous lack of updates, i completed three posts tonight! January 29, 2015 cheers to me
i cook all my meals and i’v made SO much stuff, thus updates are not keeping up with me. i’m on adding more material, but here is a redirect to my tumblr which has EVERYTHING : cooking, art, more
the dance of life
and instagram @umbrasolisluxlunae
thank you for visiting my place on the web :)

now to the note of grocery costs & spending
also, i know i posted in a messaging group that i spend $20 or less a week on groceries by shopping at asian markets. Yes that is true on average, because as soon as i start buying ingredients for baking or making western style dishes (or purchasing more meat or Any dairy), my cost goes up. So if i wanted to stick to simple stir fried leafy greens, rice, noodles, occasional dumplings, seafood, bones for soup/stews, along with a fusion of cheaper bulk groceries for “western dishes” like potatoes, carrots, beans, celery (these go in “asian” food also but i tend to put them in “western fusion” inspired dishes)

when i buy organic, what do i buy?
sale produce : organic kale, broccoli and celery will go down to 88cents or 99cents a bunch, organic carrots are generally 69cents per 1lb bag at the markets near me, sale organic green beans or costco frozen organic green beans because non-organic green beans, kale, broccoli & celery are Really high in pesticides. Also, non-organic fruit which does not have a tough skin [that usually is not eaten] tends to be high in pesticides such as : apples, peaches, pears, grapes, berries, the list goes on. These will all go on sale occasionally, and that is the best time to buy them

what do i Not buy organic
Bananas, that skin … we don’t eat it and not many bugs want to try and eat through that so –> not many pesticides. Onions, they are the LEAST amount of pesticides, because they are ONIONS. Citrus fruits, because of that skin man! Anything too expensive for my budget is also on this list, but that is just Obvious.

i leave you with this photo of the giant costco bag of frozen organic green beans on my counter, it you can guess ALL the other stuff on my counter, i will send you a prize lol

and here is a lovely apple that i cut into and found beauty


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