baking in the kitchen after a deep clean

tehehe doesn’t it sound like something else ….

so back to the topic, thanks to joy the baker for posting her Quick and Dirty Chocolate Espresso Cinnamon Rolls because they looked so wonderful that i had to make [a coffee flavored version of] them, and i DID :D they were the first pastries i made after deep cleaning the kitchen


You can see my process here, although if you go to joy’s site, her photos are much prettier

le dough

smearing the sauce all over the doughy goodness

all rolled up and laid out in the pan!

and after i picked up my daughter from school, we went on to make m&m choco chip cookies! i love to use smitten kitchen‘s ice cream sandwich cookie recipe for my choco chip cookies. After i made these, i noticed a really interesting item on my faceobook feed! Someone had posted a vid about making the Science behind making the Perfect choco chip cookies, in which the chef talks about how there are Three types of favs : thin & crispy, cakey, soft & chewy. As i Love crispy, the thin and crispy are now on my queue of items to bake next.

these are what i made:

and here are some fun photos of the process:

cookie dough!

baking with kids is always sweet!

so about that kitchen deep clean, other than wiping all counters & cabinet doors, i also swept & mopped AND cleaned the stove

here are the stove parts soaking in a mix of my home made orange cleanser, baking soda, white vinegar, and water


i let it all soak for a day before scrubbing, it helps some.

and now here is a photo of the surface of the stove, covered in a layer of baking soda + vinega + orange cleanser


and now it is Clean! :D


for variety, here is a photo of my fly catcher, a mix of apple cider vinegar, dish detergent and water

and a quick sketch i made while playing around with those gray markers i bought for a class and never used afterwards
a ‪feathered‬ fellow with ‪bird‬ like features but this fowl may be masquerading and hiding another form beneath the feathers on its carapace


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