fast breaker vegetarian dinner & Snow Day!



Since coming back from my new years snow trip, i’v had repeat digestive problems. So i decided to do what has Always worked for me ever since i was young : fast. Fasting is a wonderful way to cleanse the stomach and clear the body. Given i only fast for a maximum of morning till dinner, i know that i don’t see as strong of an affect as people who fast for longer periods of time. I am not sure if i want to try that, and if i do, i will read up on what they consider “fasting”. For me, fasting is consuming nothing but water and unsweetened herbal tea. Just a reminder, fasting is good in moderation if you over do it, it becomes an eating disorder.

While fasting and doing chores around the house, i looked at my computer screen and saw someone post about something called Golden Milk, and it looks So beautiful that i Had to try it. So i put that on my fast breaker dinner itinerary, along with vanilla custard to use up those three egg yolks that had been sitting in my fridge for a couple days.

I also boiled up some left over potato mushroom soup and added fresh spinach into the mix, then fried and egg sunny side up (my favorite) that i covered with stir fried cilantro & garlic, and washed some mini tomatoes to eat with everything. I went ahead and used the coconut milk recipe for Golden Milk, omitting butter because i simply forgot about it. There are some recipes that use cow milk, but since i’m not very tolerant to lactose, i opted to stick with coconut milk. For the Vanilla Custard, i stuck with cow milk and i substituted rice flour for wheat flour (because i’v made the wheat flour version and don’t like tasting flour in my custard) and realized that was not a good idea. Text time i make vanilla custard i will use half the both half the amount of sugar and half the amount of [rice] flour, simply because rice flour coagulates a lot more that wheat flour. I will also cook the milk With the rice flour until it is thick, because pouring warm milk into the eggs and recooking did Not cook the rice flour all the way and my custard had an unpleasant grainy texture. there was plenty of foam from me using an electric mixer to keep the egg mixture from curdling. It doesn’t affect the flavor much and is fun to eat, so i will definitely do that again.

While messaging friends, one of them asked me if i had proper fast breaking food, something i had Never thought of before. Normally, i just eat whatever my family has for dinner for breaking fast. Since i am cooking for myself (and it has been a good 5 years since i last fasted) i decided to look online and found some really delicious look fast breaking dishes. I know that those are for a specific holiday, i will just make it randomly because it looks Good To Eat.

Where did i go during new years? i went the land of snow and ice, where i waiting traffic to both get there and back home.

packed road

snowy road

And saw the new years Torch Parade! Nothing like a Fire Wyrm to bring in the New Year!!
torch parade

The next day we went outside and played in the SNOW!




When i came back, i drank milk tea for breakfast out of simplicity and habit, it did not sit well with my stomach even though i used coconut cream to make the “milk” part of the tea.

On Sunday night i made a wonderful salad (with raw onions) with pesticide free romaine lettuce i got from the farmer’s market with potato & mushroom soup. And although the meal was very delicious and healthy, the raw onion gave me gas.

potato & mushroom soup with salad

I also noticed the tomato plants wrestling with each other :
tomatoes wrestling

I even had time to complete a drawing. Please click on it to see the final version which i uploaded onto my deviantart account.

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cassette tapes


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