Christmas 2014 baking spree!

Even though i was originally going to Just make chocolate pudding, my mom asked me what i was going to make, then suggested that i make some cookies for my daughter to bring on her holiday road trip with her dad. so i thought that Yes i Will make some Awesome cookies for her to bring :D

  • banana bread castle its an old recipe from i think Ariel who used to have a site called baking and book, but that site no longer exits
    differences : cake mold, chocolate coating, white chocolate “snow”
    epic castle
  • italian almond cookies because i have almond flour that i didn’t know what to do with
  • double chocolate peppermint & pecan cookies the pecan pieces was my addition, threw half the bag in the banana bread, and half the bag in here
  • xmascookies01

other random items i cooked this month:
for the love of rice rice grilled to a crisp with sesame oil in a cast iron pan, eaten with a sunny side up egg yumm
grilled rice

stir fried King Mushroom, yes the taste KING-ly


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