banana bread castle kicking ass

YES my banana bread castles kicks your gingerbread houses ass!!! Oh Yes it Does!!!

Check it out ^_~


i also made some nice chocolate dipped and almond dusted peanut butter cookies because Joy the Baker posted about them and i could not resist

made an ice cream sundae with the cookies and extra chocolate dip in celebration of me finishing my class presentaiton :)


other than some gorgeous peanut butter cookies, i have been cooking on a daily basis and here are some examples of what i’v made :)


and this soup was PERFECT!!! i believe it was because i caramelized the onions and stir fried a Bunch of mushroom in it, then added some broth from the boiled chicken claws :3


also made some nice beans that got kinda burnt, so i had to clean out my mini dutch oven … it was difficult to scrub so i ended up using a combination of large grain salt and baking soda. FYI you can Only use salt to scrub Enamel surfaces, do Not use it on cast iron, stainless steel, or [god forbid] nonstick.


i cooked chicken claws twice, and on the second time, one of the claws fell Inside the hole in the sink and got jammed in the garbage disposal :/ so i pulled it out and tossed it in the trash, poor chicken claw


the dish tasted good though :D


i also realized how much i love the sky and all its beauty, so i have been taking many photos of it and here is one of my collages, if you click on the image you will get directed to my devart page where you can check out my artwork along with the other sky collages i have there

also became inspire by 365 days of doodles (btw you MUST go check out his stuff, its Amazing!) to sketch Every day so here’s an example of what i did today and posted on deviantart.

i end this with a nice image if one of my dolls hiding behind my new ficusmicrocarpa :)


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