the salad day & costume hunt

yesterday was my salad day because i had this for dinner

made from these ingredients:

including pasta that was boiled in salt & herbs, that had peas and cut celery mixed in after it was cooked and drained! and two olives along with all the rest of the pickling liquid in the olive jar, which is a Great substitute for salt. Also, those grilled white things are paneer.

then i ended the day with knitting (finished that gold scarf! yippee! now for other stuff) and some laundry to prepare for Costume day today!
is it odd that i find this basin of brightly colored under garments beautiful?

today i was checking out some fabric when i found this gorgeous thing

which i did Not buy because 1) it was expensive and 2) i did not know what to do with it yet … i did not think my ideas were concrete enough for a purchase of this magnitude

and what was i thinking of for this Halloween?


so which version of this image do you like more? i like the top one


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