Vegetarian Layer Rice Paradise

Much love for sprouts, sunny side up eggs with the runny yolk, and all the wonderful vegetables that i am able to eat

This blog’s feature article is the vegetarian rice layer paradise dish that i made after becoming obsessed with sprouts and sunny side up eggs. There will be Many more photos of sunny side up eggs in this cooking blog i guess

So how did i make this wonderful dish?

First i got these two ready: freshly cooked rice and my home made jalapeno pickles! that i am Ridiculously proud of


then i prepared the omelette layer while
this consisted of

  • half an onion, caramelized before adding the mushroom
  • 2 shitake mushrooms stir fried before adding the greens
  • 1 bunch of radish greens wilted before adding the beaten egg

while waiting for that to i layered the freshly cooked rice with raw radish sprouts And radishes (the radish greens got fried with the egg!)


then i made sauce from a mix of miso paste and green onion + water. This didn’t turn out as well as i’d liked, it think it would have been better to use one of the following: soy sauce glaze, japanese tonkatsu sauce, japanese okonomiyaki sauce, oyster sauce, miso sauce in squeeze tube, curry, red bibimbap sauce


and here is the final image with the sauce on top of the omelette layer and more radishes, with a peekaboo of the delicious insides accompanying it!


Retrospectively i think that alfalfa sprouts would fit this dish a lot better than radish sprouts, which were a tad bit too spicy and threw the whole idea off balance. If you do choose to use radish sprouts, keep in mind that both the radish sprouts And radishes both taste spicy so make sure you use a sauce that can account for that. As in, if you need to cover the flavor more, use a stronger sauce. i also put the optional jalapeno pickles in here because i’m ridiculously proud of them and put them in virtually everything i cook.


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