End of September Roundup!

i finish this entry after my wonderful breakfast of taiwanese style green onion breakfast tortilla with egg and my home made pickles And a honey coconut creamed chamomile tea :3

so what have i accomplished in September?? the First month of classes, club craziness (the wonderful dance club that i founded needed New leaders because i got injured and could not dance), and getting used to the kiddie school routine!

fancy braiding

Rainbow carrot and edamame pork dumplings!

where on the night of, i stir fried the remaining dumpling fill with rice and ate it inside a beautiful nest of radish sprouts

made some lovely egg cutards which i think sound cuter when called egg tarts

i broiled some delicious pork belly


which i ate over a nest of organic arugula, which has been on sale at sprouts for several weeks in a row


then i boiled the pork bone in japanese style vegetable curry


that included this delicious mystery gourd and Yucca!


the mystery gourd was So delicious that i ate it raw in as salad with my yummy home made pickled jalapenos, no photo of the salad because well .. i didn’t think of taking a photo of such a simple thing

and ate this wonderful curry many different ways, including on top of that green onion pancake i have decided to call chinese naan in this photo

got to take a photo of this wonderful child’s creation

started knitting for the gifting season!


with a bunch of clearance yarn (see that $1 price tag?), all the other yarn in this pile was also $1 a ball, i have more $1 yarn that i did not include in here. not all the clearance yarn was $1 … some were $2 and then there’s that giant $5 ball of white cotton that will turn into dishcloths … because those are easy to make and Practical


sprouted a bunch more after that mung bean rice porridge, made Sweet mung bean soup and chocolate chia seed soup with these:

became obsessed with sprouts and sunny side up egg, as can be seen from this Beautiful photo!

found out that this fun looking plant is milkweed


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