getting my pickle on!


i bought this giant bag of jalapenos for 99 cents thinking “i will make pickles with these”. although it has been a week, they are, thankfully, still in acceptable condition, so i Finally took them out and made them into pickles!


My inspirations are: the time a korean friend came and brought jalapeno and garlic pickles as a side dish, the many stacks of delicious pickled items at korean markets, and these two items from the internet:

I followed what the lady in the video did and then used a pickling juice formula that is similar to the one on Umami Holiday. So i cut up jalapenos and garlic, then stuffed them into two jars. Since i didn’t know how much liquid i would fill it up, i filled one jar with white vinegar and the other with soy sauce, leaving just a little space so that i could put a little sugar, which was 1/4 cup. I also adjusted how much vinegar and soy sauce i poured so that it was even, eyeball measurement, which is not an Exact science. Then i put a strainer on top of the jars and poured the liquid out into a pot, added the sugar and set the pot on the burner for a short boil. While i waited for the liquid to boil, i put a little bit of cooking sake in each jar, like 2 tbs each. After the pot boiled for a minute, i took it off the burner and then poured the liquid into my two jars. I also put two ceramic spoons on top of the vegetables inside the jar, like Umami did! Although my spoons were closer to the surface because i had stuff the jars way fuller.

btw dinner today was the super leftover marathon! trying to finish all this stuff pictured below! between my daughter i [with mostly me eating] we got through everything except a small bowl full of the cabbage stir fry.


i still haven’t finished the sweet red bean soup i made last week … i think i’l drink a bowl of it tonight … granted that its still edible.

and after seeing this video by the same lady who made the pickled jalapenos, i REALLY want to make vegetable and raw honey enzyme jar stuff


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