post vegas veggie deal!

so after a vegas trip that included bouts of heavy food and living off snacks to save money, i came home Craving rice and mung bean porridge.

Today i finally made it Yay!!!


Happiness is, finally eating something that i have been craving for the past week.

and here is the complete meal :)


the porridge is hidden under some of the cabbage and mushroom stir fry that was flavored by dry shrimp not vegetarian and some rice seasoning!


how to make sprouted mung bean and rice porridge

  • soak beans in a sunny area for a day, they will start to sprout and look like this
  • then strain and wash the beans a couple times, removing any rotten pieces
  • boil the beans in a pot with a whole lot of water, not so much that it over flows, but enough to where the beans don’t stick and Burn
  • while the beans are boiling, wash the rice
  • if the beans smelled funny before boiling, test their flavor before adding the rice … cuz if the beans Did rot and produce a bad flavored soup, you can just cook the rice separately and have Rice Porridge to eat :D
  • and the rice and enough water so that it doesn’t stick and burn
  • cook until mushy, time varied depending on the rice type

the lovely bowl of beans

beans soaking

This weekend i went on an impromptu trip to Las Vegas! totally unplanned! Completely Unexpected! And Absolute Fun!!!

here is the beautiful colorful sugar shaker in Peppermill, which is like a Psychedelic and [pricier] Denny’s

colorful sugar 600

The World’s Largest Ferris Wheel
i ate a midnight reverie sunday at the Ghirardelli on this street! sooo much chocolate, loved it and also could not finish it >_> it really was too much for my reduced appetite for junk food … living off of chips and goldfish for one to two meals a day made me crave a nice solid and savory MEAL without dessert. but i could not walk past the beautiful Ghirardelli store without stopping by to check it out, get some samples, and buy something!

ferris wheel600_frame

I arrived back from the trip early Monday morning around 2am and then had to wake up soon for a 9am class lol. BUT being able to go grocery shopping and make my own Delicious Colorful and Leafy food was absolute food bliss!!

Monday’s Lunch : Creative salad with mini heirloom tomatoes, organic arugula (yes it was On Sale), fresh english peas, blue cheese and small mozzarella balls.


Monday and Tuesday’s Dinner : Vegetable soup with tomato colored pasta, organic carrots, organic green beans, and caramelized garlic & onion. A side of petite quail eggs accompanies it.
veggie soup

maybe more lovely photos will follow … maybe not … we don’t know for now … maybe another day will bring another change that folds the layers in upon themselves into a new form


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