Holiday Baking!

a wrap up of winter holiday baking!

green tea shortbread cookies a la smitten kitchen‘s recipe for a family christmas dinner :)
The tin is something old that i had been using to hold my daughter’s toys lol, and i got those CUTE animal shaped cookie cutters from Marukai

salty honey pie and honey roasted chai almonds from a la Joy the Baker‘s site :3 for New Years!!
honey almonds laying flat to cool <3
and now packed into tubs for transport and gifting!
what a pretty pie :3
the pie is all done! (even if a bit overbaked :P) and covered in pretty white flakes of kosher salt

What else have i done this winter holiday break? Winter Holiday Clean Sweeping! oh yeah, washed up the blinds (wet towel wiping), vacuumed & mopped everywhere, and FULLY cleaned the kitchen & bathrooms. then worked on knitting while my daughter played with other kiddies :)
see, i soaked these overnight in my special mix of home made orange enzyme cleaner (there are SO many sites on this, i just picked the first url i found on google), water, vinegar and baking soda
it Really got some gunk off as you can see by how Dark that water got

and now a cute photo of my knitting project bag <3 … slowly finishing the vest for my daughter …. her shawl is next!

yay to initializing this site!!! (adding this to what i did during the “winter holidays”)
listening to Dir en Grey – Dum Spiro Spero :3 it had been a while … think i’v been missing them
** Love **


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